5 Tips to Explode Your Success With Marriage Dating Sites

There are literally hundreds of different specialty dating sites, and marriage dating sites online can be found all over the place. They key however isn’t just signing up with them and hoping for the best. You have to use certain techniques to your advantage to get the maximum number of profile views and people interested in your profile before you’ll be landing all kinds of new hot dates.

And while there’s a multitude of things to think about, I’ve narrowed things down to the five most important things you can do to maximize your online dating success. Some might sound obvious, but bear with me; they’re important. So, here goes…

1. Always upload your photo. It doesn’t always have to be the most flattering picture you’ve ever taken, but you should always have a picture on your profile. Since the great majority of other members on a dating site will be posting pictures, it only makes sense that if you want to get any attention, you must post a picture of yourself. It might not be the most recent, but who cares, tell your viewers that you’re working on a new picture.

2. Create a captivating profile. This alone is the one important element that will make or break your online dating experience. Don’t simply say “Nice guy seeks down to earth girl to hangout with” – I’m already bored. Invest the time to say something about you, your lifestyle, your interests, what are your passions, and the person you’re looking to meet.

Remember to be upbeat and happy, confident and a spice of funny. If you’re hurt on the inside still from your recent breakup, keep it to yourself. A witty profile will go a long way if you’re trying to capture the intellectual types. If you’re seeking the happy-go-lucky types, tell about the activities that you both would enjoy. Humor is a great icebreaker. If you’re able to make them laugh, they’ll be much more likely to contact you.

3. Be active – be proactive. Don’t simply join a site, and then sit around expecting others to start contacting you. You need to be regularly searching the data of people that might be compatible so you can find people you like. Write them then and there, and tell them about why you believe you might be a good fit.

4. Write great emails. So, you’ve searched the database and found a person that looks very interesting. They have similar interests, but what in the world do you say to them? Well, apply the same rules to the first email as you did for the profile creation phase. Put some thought into it. If it appears that you didn’t even put the effort in to say something personal, or comes across as a bulk message, they’re probably not going to respond. Give some details away about who you are, what you like, and why you think you might be compatible with each other. Use details that you just read about in their profile, make sure you sound interesting and always do a spell-check. If you want a sure-fire way to get ignored, be boring and downbeat.

5. And lastly, don’t forget to be checking with the site frequently. The reasons are two fold: Since there are hundreds of new members a day, you’ll be able to find new people. And another more important reason, but not very well known is that when you login your profile gets an extra priority boost. This means that when people search for specific things, your profile shows up higher on the search if you’re a frequent visitor and login to you account frequently. My recommendation is that you visit every site you’ve signed up with on a daily basis to check any messages and continue modifying your profile to make it better and better.

So, put those five tips into action and you’ll see results. Remember, have fun.

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